What are the best Water Based Lubricants?

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About Water Based Lubricants :

One of the best Water Based Lubricants you can get online in India is water-based. Water-based lubes, such as thinner, are generally seen as the safest option and are hence more popular. There are usually a few bad points associated with anything nice. Always keep in mind that silicone lubes and oil lubes are harmful to toys. If left unchecked, it can eat away at the material, eventually ruining your toy. Similarly, water-based lubes don’t usually stay long during sexual health activity, so you might need to reapply it several times.

Besides that, it becomes slightly stickier. Many water based lubricants also include glycerin, an ingredient that give the lube a velvety, gentle texture. However, this property also causes it to get sticky after being handled for a period.

Always start little amount and add extra as necessary. You’ll stay neater and make less of a mess if you do this. Water based lubricants are convenient because they need no effort when cleaning up. Inevitably, after using silicone, hybrid products, id cards, or oils, a shower is in order. Water based products are preferable since they seep into the skin rather than sitting on top.

Can you get away with using a lubricant that dissolves in water?

There is no such thing as a “wrong” lube, but there is a “proper” lubrication for every situation. Expert Water Based Lubricants Gigi Engle from Womanizer, who is also a trained sex coach and educator, says that water-based lubes are the “jack-of-all-trades” of lubricants. This is why many individuals opt to test them out first.

When utilizing a silicone sex toy, water-based lubrication is recommended because silicone lube has a tendency to break down silicone devices, which is obviously a major bummer. In addition, latex condoms go swimmingly well with water-based lubes. Carol Queen, the in-house sexologist of Good Vibrations, tells Glamour, “Water-based lubricants come in a range of thicknesses and are safe lubes to use with latex.” She adds, “Latex condoms are more comfortable and less prone to break if you use lubrication with them.”

Why not use a lubricant that dissolves in water?

Some people don’t like water-based lubes since they dry down more quickly than silicone, oil, or hybrids when exposed to air. This could make them less than ideal for longer sessions, like foreplay.

It’s possible that you’re allergic to one or more of the components in water-based lubes; however, the composition of different brands of lube varies widely, so it’s best to check out a few different lubricant samples before committing to a whole bottle.

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