Why should i Use a Cloth Pad instead of a Plastic Pad?

Plastic and synthetic fibers are combined with gels and scents to make disposable sanitary pads. Your vagina will become infected and rashes will form as a result of these substances blocking the airflow. According to Pordeshi, there are several reasons to convert to cloth pads.

A cotton substance is used to make reusable cloth pads. Your delicate areas can breathe freely because of the fabric’s softness.

  • Cloth pads are a great option because they are both breathable and flexible.
  • Press studs make repositioning cloth pads in your pant legs easier. There is no chemical smell to cloth pads.

Cloth pads are more cost effective. Pordeshi sells cloth pads for as little as TK 300 – 900 in Bangladesh, making them an affordable option. It’s good for a year’s use. You can save money by switching to cloth pads.

  • Reusable cotton pads come in a variety of appealing colors and stitching styles.
  • Pordeshi’s cloth pads are hygienic and easy to clean.

As opposed to disposable pads, cloth pads are more environmentally friendly. Organic pads are also a good option because they are less harmful.

Women should make the switch to cloth pads now. Get cloth diapers at the best price from pordeshi.com/shop

Is preseed an aid to sperm’s ability to swim?

The lubricant used by women during sexual relations is called “Preseed.” Moisture is given at the same pH, osmolality, and viscosity as the pre-mixed mixture. This is an internal vaginal lubricant that promotes sperm movement toward the egg and fertilization.

Is it safe for sperm to use pre-selection in this manner?

The safety of the preseed lubricant is especially important to first-time purchasers. As to whether or not Preseed helps to speed up or prolong the lifespan of sperm, this could be one of many questions that arise in this regard. Learn about the advantages of pre-screening for infertility treatment for couples.

According to some research, when compared to other commercial lubricants,

First, pre-seed doesn’t change the DNA of the sperm and has a lot of healthy sperm cells in it.

The sperm motility in Preseed was noticeably higher than that in control groups.

Vaginal dryness is completely eradicated.

The absence of lubrication during intercourse is a problem for many women. Intercourse can be made more pleasurable and pleasant if a personal lubricant is utilized. Choosing the correct lubricant is critical for couples attempting to conceive. If you want to boost your chances of getting pregnant, buy preed online and follow the directions carefully. With only a few chemicals that are both safe and effective, Preseed is a sperm-friendly solution. So that the sperm may more easily swim to the eggs, it imitates the lubrication seen in natural sperm oil. Pre seed lubricant has been found to be the least hazardous to sperm, which is why so many couples opt for it while trying to have a child.

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