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What are condoms?

This thin, sheath-shaped, fitting tube is worn over the penis during sex. It prevents the lovers from exchanging bodily fluids. Safer intercourse, whether it be vaginal, oral, or anal, necessitates the use of a condom. Condoms are the most practical and cost-effective way to take responsibility for your sexual health. In order to protect yourself and your partner from STDs and prevent pregnancy, condoms should be used every time you have sex. Condoms are easy to find and can be bought online so that people don’t get pregnant without wanting to.
It is possible to find condoms in a wide range of forms, sizes, and colors. To enhance the sensation, some condoms are flavored, while others are textured and patterned. Lubricated and unlubricated condoms are also available. Find the one that’s right for you in terms of comfort and fit. In a relationship, it is very important to keep yourself and your partner safe from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
Always buy condoms that have been tested to meet the necessary safety criteria.
In addition, be sure to look at the packet’s expiration date.
It is best to avoid using any condom that feels dry or sticky when you open it.

Use condoms in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions.

Use a condom because you want to.

The condom is a barrier method of contraception manufactured from thin latex. Most couples use this method of contraception because it is simple, practical, and inexpensive. Male and female condoms are both available. Every time you engage in sexual activity, make sure to use condoms appropriately from the beginning to the end. Condoms come in a wide variety of designs and materials. Using condoms is not only safe, but it also enhances the sexual experience. There are a variety of condoms available online for couples that like to explore. It is advisable to use condoms.

Prevent unwanted pregnancies by using contraception.

By taking preventative measures, you can prevent sexually transmitted illnesses.

Effectiveness of the condom.

There is no guarantee that any form of contraception will provide complete protection. A condom, when used correctly, can provide 98 percent protection against sexually transmitted diseases.It is imperative that condoms be used correctly each and every time if they are to have any effect. There are many things that can affect how well a condom works, such as the type of condom.

  • proper condom storage and use.
  • Read the condom’s usage directions before you start.
  • Choose a condom that is the correct size.
  • You can’t mix and match them all.
  • Every time, use a fresh one.
  • It should only be used for the purpose for which it was intended.
  • Male and female condoms should not be used together.
  • Do not use condoms that have been tampered with, such as those that have been nicked.


Condoms are safe to use at all times. Pregnancy prevention is 98% effective if condoms are used correctly each time intercourse is had. Using a condom is the best way to avoid contracting sexually transmitted illnesses. If you are sexually active, you can buy the best condoms online from the best condom manufacturers and use one every time you have sex. You can use condoms for safe intercourse even if you are on another method of birth control, as they don’t have any side effects unless you are sensitive to latex or the lubricant used.

Shycart offers a variety of condoms for online purchase.

Choose the ideal condom for you and your partner from a variety of options. Each person’s sexual preferences can be met by a variety of condoms from top-quality condom manufacturers.
Natural rubber latex condoms are the condoms of choice for the majority of guys. Non-latex condoms are available if you have sensitive skin or are allergic to latex.
Dotted, super dotted, and ribbed condoms, as well as more varieties of condoms, may be found in’s condom selection. Explore a variety of condoms and select one based on your personal preferences.

Condoms with a flavor:

It is designed to keep you and your partner safe while still providing a tasty and satisfying experience. On Shycart, you may get 17 different flavors of condoms, ranging from chocolate-flavored to fruit-flavored. In order to make your personal time more fun, the best condom brands have developed innovative and intriguing flavors.
In the case of condoms for women,
A female condom is a little pouch worn by a sexual partner to keep bodily fluids from being exchanged. Before having sex, the woman inserts an internal condom into her vagina. It is possible to purchase a female condom online.

Condoms with crystals

Crystal condoms for men are silicone-based condoms that can be washed and reused. Crystal condoms are made of a stretchy material and come in a universally sized package.

Small-sized condoms:

Small condoms, often known as snug-fit condoms, are designed for men with smaller genitalia who find it difficult to wear standard-sized condoms.

choice of condoms:

There is a wide selection of condoms on the market that make using one, whether internal or external, a pleasurable experience. It is possible to acquire condoms for a variety of objectives, ranging from sexual pleasure to contraception. Before you buy a condom, think about what it is made of and if you or your partner are allergic to any of the materials.If you’re buying condoms for yourself or your partner, you have a lot of options, including flavoured, dotted, ribbed, and long-lasting condoms, so you can have fun. If you use the right size condom, your session will be more comfortable and safe.

Indian condoms that work best

ShyCart offers a large selection of condoms from top-rated condom brands, all at affordable prices. Learn about the various types of condoms available and pick the one that’s right for you. The same brand and texture don’t appeal to everyone. Some couples prefer long-lasting condoms, while others prefer thin condoms or condoms with dotted patterns. Shycart is another place where you may get reusable condoms. Reusing crystal condoms saves you money because you don’t have to buy a new one each time. Condom brands like Durex, Kamasutra, and SKORE are among the most popular on the market today. To provide both pleasure and protection, the main condom brands work hard to produce the best condoms possible.

Do you want to buy condoms online?

Online condom shopping in India has never been easier with Shycart. Finding the best condom for you and your partner may require some trial and error. Condom prices, effective use tips, and a variety of condoms from top brands can all be found here. You can be sure that your online purchase of condoms will be delivered to your home in complete privacy.
Female Contraception Devices

Men utilize male condoms during sexual activity. Because they are placed over the male penis, condoms serve as a physical barrier between the female vaginal cavity and sperm. Most men use male condoms as a method of pregnancy control because they are readily available, simple to use, and inexpensive. Some individuals believe that using two male condoms at once is safer, but this is a bad idea because it increases the risk of ripping. You should never use a pair of male and female condoms together since there is a great risk of ripping and breaking. Men’s condom safety tips to remember

  • Before making contact with the partner’s body, the condom should be placed on the erect penis.
  • When engaging in sex, make sure the condom is securely fastened in place.
  • Every time you engage in intercourse, use condoms.
  • Take off the condoms as soon as there is no longer any touch with your partner’s body.
  • If you or your partner are allergic to latex, be careful to select a condom that is latex-free.

Condoms for women:

During a sexual encounter, females utilize a female condom as a method of birth control. A female condom, sometimes known as an internal condom, is a little pouch worn by women during sex. It is used to keep bodily fluids from coming into contact with a female partner’s vagina. The inner and outer rings of women’s condoms are constructed of soft plastic. Female condoms are manufactured by a variety of companies. You can purchase them in health clinics, pharmacies, and other retail establishments. It’s possible to buy female condoms online if you’re hesitant to do so in a brick-and-mortar location. Women’s condoms: how to use them correctly.

  • Before using the internal condoms, read the instructions carefully.
  • When inserting the condom, make sure it is not twisted.
  • If the outer ring is forced into the vagina, stop intercourse.
  • Check to be certain that the penis does not get caught between the condom and the vaginal side.
  • Using two female condoms at the same time is a bad idea!

The best condoms to buy

Choosing the ideal condom can take some time because there are so many options out there. The best choice for you and your partner will be to get a condom that fits properly and feels wonderful in your hand. Choosing the right condom size is also important because it makes it less likely that the condom will break.

There are a wide variety of condoms on the market, including flavored condoms, delayed condoms, and ordinary condoms. If you’re a newbie, you’re probably perplexed as to which condom is best for you. Understanding your condom size, how to wear a condom, and how to engage in sexual activity in a safe manner are all critical steps in keeping you and your partner safe during sexual contact. Ultra-thin condoms are the best choice for first-time sex couples who want to maintain intimate contact and closeness without any interruptions. Also, for those who are sick of the same old plain condoms, there are textured condoms available for purchase online in a variety of patterns such as dots, ribs, extra dots, and so on. In order to save money, washable and reusable condoms are also available. Reusable condoms are a great option. They are safe and easy to use.

Purchase Condoms in Online.

Condoms are readily available in a wide variety of locations. Shopping for condoms in person can be awkward at times, so the best bet is to buy condoms online. Preparation for private sex should be your top focus. By using shycart, you can easily order the best condom brands online. Condoms come in a variety of forms and can be purchased online depending on the function and your pleasure-related demands. Here are a few advantages to purchasing condoms online:

In terms of both time and money:

Online shopping for condoms is far more convenient and faster than going to a physical shop. This is a time and effort saver for you. When you buy condoms online, you don’t have to worry about the shame of buying more than necessary at a retail store.


The effectiveness of condoms is directly impacted by the brand of condom you purchase. For freshness, proper storage, and safety testing, you can buy real condoms online from reputable companies and certified distributors.

There are many different kinds of condoms:

Condoms from a variety of manufacturers can be purchased online. Do your homework, take your time, and pick a condom that is the perfect size for your body type. There are several types of condoms to pick from, such as plain condoms and textured condoms.


In addition to the various brands available online, there is a wealth of information that you can’t access in a brick-and-mortar store. Every aspect of condom use is covered in detail, including how to use condoms properly and how to choose the right condom size, as well as any possible negative effects. By looking at condom prices, you may analyze the advantages and disadvantages of several condom brands and pick the best one for you.


Buying condoms online gives you complete discretion. Convenience and discretion are key features of Shycart, the ideal place to buy condoms online. It is guaranteed that your condom order will be delivered on schedule.

Things to consider when purchasing condoms:

  • It’s always a good idea to learn about the importance of safe sex so that you and your partner may both enjoy it.
  • Make certain that neither you nor your partner is allergic to condoms or the lubricants that are used in conjunction with condoms before beginning a relationship.
  • To get the most out of your experience, consult the condom sizing chart.
  • You can select the ideal condom for you and your partner online.
  • You can buy lubricants online to ensure a smooth and enjoyable sex experience.
  • When it comes to preventing unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, condoms are 98% effective when used according to the instructions supplied.
  • Before using condoms you bought online, always check the expiration date and read the instructions for how to use and store them.
  • Allergic reactions to condoms

How common are condom-related reactions or allergy?

When using a latex condom, those who are allergic to latex may experience itching, swelling, or redness in the vaginal region. Buying sensitive skin condoms and other non-latex condoms is a good idea in this situation.

Condom lubricants and spermicides may contain chemicals that induce allergic responses. If you are allergic to lubricated condoms, get non-lubricated condoms. In addition, you can use natural lubricants like aloe vera gel to enhance intercourse.

Is there a latex-free option out there for individuals who are allergic to it?

Most condoms on the market are made of natural rubber latex and contain latex. There are, however, limited condom solutions for people who are allergic to latex.

  1. Condoms are made of polyurethane.
  2. The polyisoprene condoms are available in
  3. Condoms made of lamb’s skin

Can guys live longer when they use condoms?

The use of condoms by men can trigger premature ejaculation because of the belief that they inhibit the growth of the erect penis. This isn’t accurate at all! Premature ejaculation is not a side effect of using male condoms. Actually, guys who use long-lasting condoms have fewer ejaculations and may keep their erections for a longer period of time.

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