How Can I Choose the Right condom sizes?

Choosing and purchasing condoms online in Bangladesh can be a difficult undertaking for any person. It’s not like buying shoes at an outlet where you can try them on to see whether they fit. When you buy condoms online, you don’t have to worry about this. If your penis is a little larger than 5 inches while erect, you can wear a “snug” condom without discomfort. Just any condom will not do! Because condoms come in many different lengths, the width and girth are the most important measurements to look at when choosing the right one for you.

When it comes to preventing STDs, sexually transmitted infections, and successful birth control, the appropriate condom size is critical. As a result, purchasing a condom that is too large may result in it slipping off. Wearing a condom that is too small may also lead to its breakage. Before buying condoms, you should spend a lot of time researching the best options to make sure you get the right size.

You’ll need to take your measurements:

In most cases, condoms come in a variety of widths and lengths. When it comes to condom sizes, penile width and length should always be considered. Your condom size should be determined by your penis’s circumference. To determine your penis size, take an erect penis measurement:

In order to get a precise measurement of your penis, hold a ruler or tape along your pubic bone until you reach the end of your penis.

• Using a soft measuring tape, wrap it around the thickest region of your erect penis and measure its width or girth. The length of the string or tape measure can now be measured.

Using a condom sizing chart online at pordeshi, you can select a condom based on your erect penis size after you have taken your penis size measurement.

Condom sizes in Bangladesh (BD)

When it comes to condom sizing, there are a lot of different ways to define the same size, which can make things a bit confused. Condoms might be labeled as “large size” by one manufacturer but “regular size” by another. This happens frequently in the garment industry. In order to compare condom sizes, condom breadth should always be taken into consideration. The size of your penis will have a direct impact on how a condom fits and how long it lasts.

In Bangladesh, the usual condom size is 180 mm long by 53 mm wide (with an elasticity of about 2 mm). However, condoms can be purchased online that are lower in size. Small-sized size condoms are those that are 170 mm long and 49 mm wide (with an elasticity of about 2 mm). As a result, they have been designed so that they fit snugly around the male genitals.

The following table serves as a general guide to condom sizes:

1. Small-sized condoms

6 to 7 inches in length.

width ranges from 1.7 to 2 inches

Because just a few condom brands in Bangladesh list tiny condoms, there are extremely few options available. In BD, the smallest condom size is only available in three varieties. KamaSutra Skyn Original, KamaSutra Skyn Extra Lube, and Kohinoor Pink condoms are all included in this set. If you need more lubrication, you can buy the best lubricants online in Bangladesh.

Second, regular condoms are available in lengths between 7 and 7.9 inches.

Diameter (inches): 205 to 213

Since they’re well lubricated and may stretch and roll on the penis easily, most of these are standard-size condoms.

Extra-large condoms are less than 8 inches long.

Dimensions: 2.13-2.3 inches wide

Additionally, there are larger condoms that are only slightly larger than normal condoms.

Extra-long condoms are available in lengths of 8 inches and up.

Width: up to and including 2.3″

If you’re larger than average, these are the condoms for you.

An Infographic on Condom Sizes

Make use of the infographics to get the perfect condom for your needs.

Sizes of Condoms-Infographic Points to Keep in Mind:-

It’s possible that you’ll need to purchase a number of condoms once you’ve located the ones that are the closest in size to yours. You’ll be able to see which options have the best combination of fit, comfort, and sensitivity this way.

In addition to size, here are a few other characteristics of condoms to keep in mind:


Latex, polyurethane, polyisoprene, and lambskin are the most common condom materials. You may want to experiment with different condom materials to find the one that works best for you. Also, trying out different kinds of condoms can lead to new and enjoyable sexual experiences.


It is possible to find condoms in a range of materials, forms, and sizes. Please let us know if you have a favorite!

A lubricant is already included in the machine.

Many condom brands, such as Kohinoor, Kamasutra, and Skore, always include lubricant. For both partners, these materials enhance sensuality and pleasure.

A lubricated condom enhances the pleasure and feelings of your partner. Use lubricants like Moods Lubes or K-Y Jelly on your condom. Silicone-based lubricants tend to remain slippery for a longer period of time than other lubricants.

It’s important to remember that oil-based lubricants might deteriorate the latex in your latex condom if you’re using one. Also, avoid using too much lube to avoid the condom slipping off.

What are “snug-fit” condoms, and how are they different from regular condoms?

Condoms are typically fashioned with a straight wall and a teat end in the shape of a cylinder. However, the design of snug fit condoms is distinct. Through research, it was shown that condoms with large heads are known to be better than straight-walled condoms. Flared condoms, also known as anatomically shaped condoms, are the most snug-fitting condoms, providing a better grip, a better fit, and thus the best level of comfort. For those who like a more secure fit, snug fit condoms are always the best option for those seeking a higher level of comfort.

Condoms are ore compact size.

Few condom brands have included mini condoms on their product pages, thus there are few possibilities. There are just three condoms of this size left in stock. Here they are:

1. Small-sized Kohinoor Pink condoms

In second place, the KamaSutra Skyn Original super-fit condom.

3: Skyn Extra Lube by KamaSutra

What condoms are available in Bangladesh with a snug fit?

Intimate Comforts by Durex

For example, Moods Silver Blaze, Moods Silver Cool, and Moods Silver Joyride are all examples of mood sets. Moods Easy, Skore Champion Zig Zag and Skore Champion Time Less are other examples of mood sets.

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