How to measure penis size?

This is a natural question to have! It’s not easy to achieve an accurate penile size measurement without following a certain protocol. If you want to buy condoms that suit you properly, you should know your penis size. Without further ado, please refer to the following easy-to-follow instructions for determining How to measure penis size?:

Locate a private area if you don’t want to do it in public.

1. Find a good spot:

Ideally, your own bedroom would serve as the best location because it is both private and well-lit. Doing so will not only facilitate the process, but will also protect you from the socially embarrassing scenario in which someone intrudes on your personal space while you are working on it.

2. Get the perfect tools:

Have an appropriate measuring tape on hand so you may determine your genital length. If you want an exact measurement of your penis’s circumference, you shouldn’t use a hardcover scale. The most convenient option is a flexible measuring tape that may be adjusted to your preferred measurement system (centimeters, inches, decimeters, or millimeters).

3. Start from the base:

Third, hold the measuring tape snug against the base of the penis. You should realize that the pubic bone is the starting point for measuring the actual size of the penis. It’s possible that the most precise measurement might be obtained by pressing the end of the tape on the area just above the pubic bone.

4. Go to the tip:

If you’re taping the genitalia, don’t stop until you reach the very end. The size of the penis can be determined by this. In any case, that’s not the point. To get an accurate measurement, the circumference of the penis must still be taken.

5. Width Measure:

Fifth, determine the width by draping the measuring tape around your penis at its widest point. Your penis’s circumference can be calculated with this method. Make a note of or tally up your body mass index for future use. When you’re done, head over to your preferred online condom vendor and make a purchase.

A width measurement

  • Important reminders include: –
  • Measuring the size should only be done with an erection present.
  • Always use a flexible and delicate measuring tape for the most precise results.
  • If a measuring tape isn’t accessible, you can always use a string and double-check the results using a scale.
  • Use caution, as the edges of the measuring tape are sharp.
  • Check how your penis measures up to the typical man’s.
  • Check out the condom size guide to locate the right size condom for you.



How big is the typical man’s penis?

On average, a man’s orifice, while standing straight up, measures between 5 and 6 inches. A penis size of over 3 inches is sufficient for satisfying sexual interplay, nevertheless.

How to Choose the Right Condom for Your Manhood.

The length and width of your genitalia can help you choose which size condom is best for you; use this chart to help you select the right one. One typical condom is 180 mm in length and 5 34 mm in breadth. Most condom manufacturers adhere to these conventional sizes when making their products, but if you need a smaller condom, you can find one that works for you.

Could it be possible for me to grow a bigger penis?

Most experts agree that you should be content with your current size. Safer methods, including as penile enlargement creams, are available if you feel that your decreased penis size is limiting your sex life.

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