Side Effects of Delay Spray

Side effects of Delay Spray in Bangladesh

Plan your sex in advance:

Having sex before applying the delay spray necessitates that one prepare ahead.

Pleasure has been reduced:

The main goal of the unique chemical in the delay spray is to make the penis less sensitive so that the user feels less pleasure during sexual activity.

3. Occasionally, the partner becomes desensitized:

It’s possible that the desensitizing impact you experience during penetrative or oral sex gets passed on to your partner, reducing both of your enjoyment.

Maybe it affects your erection:

Putting too much delay purchase lubes online in the penis has a considerable risk of decreasing the sensation there. As a result, the erection is compromised.

There is no solution:

Premature ejaculation can’t be solved with a long-lasting spray. Whenever a man has sexual thoughts, he should keep on stocking up on delay spray.

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