Does the use of pads reduce the length of your period?

Cloth Pads, in contrast to single-use pads, can be washed and reused multiple times. According to a survey of women who use cloth menstrual pads, they believe that their cycle is cut in half, from 7-8 days to 4 days, and that they can even notice a difference in the flow of their menstrual blood. Comfortable cloth pads should be purchased, according to the experts.

Despite the lack of scientific evidence, many women and doctors believe that cloth pads can reduce the length of your period. A tampon, for example, is designed to absorb menstrual blood while also storing a reserve in your vagina. Cloth pads, on the other hand, allow blood to flow out of your body more naturally. Theoretically, using cloth pads on a regular basis will result in shorter usage times.

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