How Many Cloth Pads Should I use Each Day?

Typically, how many cloth pads should I use each day?

For women, the best option is reusable cloth pads, which can be used both before and after menstruation. Do you want to know how many pads you need every day? Everyone has a different menstrual cycle. As a result, the use of cloth pads can vary depending on the flow. In order to determine how many reusable cloth pads you require, pordeshi provides the following service:

How many sanitary pads do you use each day?

In the case of disposable pads, you will have to do this several times a day at the minimum. For reusable cloth pads, you should change your pad every four to six hours, depending on your menstrual flow. 3-4 pads are therefore needed.

To what extent should the pads be washed after each use?

Washing menstrual pads on a regular basis reduces the number of pads that are used.

You should always multiply the number of pads you use in a day by the frequency with which you intend to wash your cloth pads. If you plan to wash your pads every two days and use three pads a day, you will need at least six pads. Always keep a few extra pads on hand in case you need them.

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