GAT Nitraflex A Honest Review

If you’re looking for a powerful pre-workout supplement, GAT Nitraflex is one of the few options left. Caffeine is only one of many substances that set this product apart from the pack as a superior pre-workout supplement. Nitraflex is still going strong while the vast majority of other super-charged pre-workout supplements have been outlawed, removed off shelves, and isolated in an ever-widening quarantine.

Some compare Nitraflex’s addictive qualities to those of Netflix, and some remain skeptical about the product’s true worth. Have deceptive advertising, delicious tastes, and enticing packaging deceived us? Claims such as “raise your natural testosterone level,” “improve your bench press strength,” and “enjoy hyperemic effects” on the label are astounding.

In the vein of a post on Sporty’s Health, let’s examine the product’s constituents in detail. We’ll also examine the science behind the ingredients like pterostilbene and CFB that make this pre-workout supplement so effective.

The Components of Nitraflex, Detailed :

Nitraflex includes both common and unusual pre-workout supplements, such as resveratrol and calcium fructoborate. That’s great news, by the way. The overall serving size is only 10 grams, so a clinical 6 to 8 gram dosage of citrulline malate is out of the question, but it does provide a unique proprietary form of a mineral called boron. The post will elaborate on this point further on.

Nitric Oxide Support:

There is a wealth of encouraging studies on Citrulline Malate, which has piqued the interest of sports nutrition firms, weight lifters, and athletes.
Thus far, studies have shown that Citrulline can raise bench press and leg press volume, boost muscular blood flow in older individuals, improve maximal oxygen consumption, and decrease delayed onset muscle soreness.

Supplementing with arginine may not be as effective as taking citrulline, according to the evidence. Given that arginine has a short half-life and citrulline is rapidly converted to arginine, this makes biological sense despite its seeming impossibility.

In order to reap the full benefits of citrulline, most clinical research recommend a daily dosage of 6 or 8 grams given over the course of several weeks to months. Nitraflex’s citrulline dosage per serving is undisclosed, however it’s probably well below 6 grams given the product’s label.

Yet, you shouldn’t lose hope. In addition to nitric oxide, Nitraflex provides arginine and two polyphenol antioxidants. Synergy with citrulline is expected to result from the addition of them, and they may even compensate for a less-than-clinical dosage of citrulline.

Not everyone has heard about Resveratrol. Pterostilbene is a polyphenol that even fewer people are familiar with. However, the nutrition facts panel for GAT Nitraflex lists both of these ingredients under the description “Vasoactive Arginase-Regulating NO Precursor Complex.”

Caffeine and Nootropics:

Although nootropics have received a lot of press as of late, they have actually been around for a very long time. The use of herbs for improved mental function dates back thousands of years in conventional medicine.

Any chemical that improves cognitive functions like memory, motivation, focus, and creativity might be considered a nootropic. In order to make your imprint in the weight room or on the playing field, the strength of your mind plays a crucial role in defining your performance.

Excellent work was done in combining the nootropic substances DMAE, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Theanine, and Raulwolfia canescens into GAT Sports’ product.

Green tea is the original source of the amino acid theanine, which is not a part of any protein. It has calming properties and has been shown to mitigate the negative effects of coffee (albeit not the energy boost).

Also, each serving of GAT Nitraflex contains 325mg of rapid-release caffeine, so it’s a fantastic choice. Theanine aids in maintaining mental calm without inducing sleepiness or sedation, maximizing the effectiveness of your caffeine high.

Acetylated tyrosine is readily absorbed by the brain, where it is converted into the mood- and energy-boosting neurotransmitters dopamine, adrenaline, and noradrenaline.

N-Acetyl L-acetyl Tyrosine’s groups may also promote acetylcholine synthesis in the brain, which is useful for maintaining memory and maintaining attention. The chemical dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) also increases acetylcholine production, maybe more so than any other substance.

Raulwolfia canescens is the last on the list, and it’s a traditional plant used for its many health benefits. Again, this component has antioxidant and heart-supportive properties and should help us maintain mental calm despite the caffeine.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy with GAT Nitraflex

If you want to increase your sperm count, should you use a natural supplement? This is the age-old query of any young man or aspiring bodybuilder who wants to know how to gain muscle mass rapidly.

Let’s face facts: natural testosterone boosters probably won’t have the desired effect. And most of the natural testosterone boosters that are sold in stores and on the internet are ineffective. Inadequate results might be expected from attempts to increase free testosterone through natural means. Finding effective components might be a challenge, and even then, you won’t see benefits right away.

Is Nitraflex for Women?

Testosterone synthesis in women is weaker than in men. However, this in no way diminishes its significance as a female hormone. In fact, testosterone aids in a variety of ways, including sex drive and muscle growth.Most studies on the effects of boron on testosterone have only been conducted on young males. However, a 1987 clinical experiment found that supplementing menopausal women with 3mg of boron per day increased testosterone and estradiol 16 by a significant amount.

This study demonstrates that boron can have the same effect on females.

Side effects?

It’s natural to question if there are any long-term consequences to using GAT Nitraflex. After all, the name alone makes it sound like a serious pre-workout supplement.
Don’t risk your health on this one if you’re caffeine intolerant or have never used a caffeinated pre-workout before. For the sake of experimenting, you’d be better off starting with one of the several pre-workout supplements on the market that contains 160mg of caffeine per serve or less. If it doesn’t work, the 1/4-scoop approach is always an option.
Some people with low blood pressure and/or a low tolerance for caffeine may experience brief dizziness and lightheadedness after taking nitric oxide boosters. However, such an occurrence is unusual.
Again, there is evidence that boron can cause a rise in estrogen, dihydrotestosterone, and free testosterone. Using some natural aromatase and 5-alpha reductase inhibitors, as was previously described, may be preferable if you intend to use GAT Nitraflex for an extended period of time.

Do you know how much caffeine is in GAT Nitraflex?

Three cups of coffee’s worth of caffeine can be found in one 10-gram scoop of GAT Nitraflex.

When Should You Take GAT Nitraflex?

Nitraflex, like other pre-workout supplements, is most effective when taken 30 minutes before you start working out. Despite the fact that the caffeine energy rush is typically felt considerably sooner than this, this is to enable time for the amino acids and other bioactive substances to take effect.

Flavorings for the Nitraflex by GAT.

GAT Sports did a fantastic job at making this product not just edible, but scrumptious as well. It’s easy to combine, and the taste isn’t overbearing or cloying.

Flavor-fatigue is not something you need to worry about for quite some time when you have options like Blue Raspberry, Pineapple, Pina Colada, and many more.


Caffeine is just one of the several pre-workout chemicals in GAT Nitraflex, which also includes some less common ones. This product serves double duty as both a natural testosterone booster and a high-quality pre-workout supplement. When compared to buying the two medications separately, the cost savings offered by Nitraflex is substantial.

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